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Female rapper Yung Miami's car was shot up last week, and the female rapper narrowly avoided being killed. 

Word on the street, though, is that the shooting was a result of beef that Yung Miami had with a Haitian girl from South Florida.

Well MTO News dug up some old tweets that Young Miami posted - and it shows that the female rapper had some real hatred towards people of Haitian descent.

In the tweets Young Miami, real name Careesha, calls Haitians, "ugly" "black" and "stank." She also claimed that Haitian women are "jealous" of her.

Here are some of those old tweets:


It's possible that Careesha's hateful views towards Haitians, may be the reason why she and her unborn child were nearly killed.

The initial reports from the shooting was that it was result of beef between Young Miami and a Haitian girl who was a "hater."

But after seeing the horrible Tweets, who knows what happened between the ladies. In either case, we are all pleased that Yung Miami escaped last week's incident unharmed and hope for everyone's sake the matter is resolved quickly.

Earlier this week it was reported that ½ of the rap duo the City Girls, Yung Miami, real name Caresha Brownlee’s Mercedes-Benz was hit multiple bullets. Although the “Act Up” rapper and her unborn child were not hit, Yung Miami is still understandably shaken up by the incident. In an Instagram story, she writes,

“Keep looking at my pictures and all my mentions like it really could’ve been R.I.P. I’m not okay.”

The shooting happened around 1 am near a recording studio called Circle House. According to Miami-Dade police Det. Lee Cowart, several shots were fired into the vehicle.

While there aren’t any suspects at this time the police department is launching a full investigation.