Female rapper Tokyo Jetz got secretly married last December, MTO News has learned. And she's now revealed her secret marriage to her fans.

Tokyo announced that she and her longtime boyfriend Amir (seen below in the blue tank top) decided to jump the broom in secret, before the pair embarked on a nationwide tour.

Now that the tour is over, Tokyo announced her marriage to fans. She told them:

We decided to keep you private in December because of how important we believe peace is. My entire tour I performed through hell with you 😩 but I’d go through it again a million times over to meet you🏁...you been tryna cause a scene at almost every show popping out 😂😂 well say hi Amir💙 ..we do this for you now

Here's the post, and the picture of Amir:

Tokyo Jetz, 24, is a female rapper from Jacksonville, Florida. She is currently signed and affiliated with T.I‘s Grand Hustle Records. Jetz is the artist behind popular singles, No Problem and The One. She also made headlines in 2017 after collaborating with Hustle Gang members on hit single, Friends. Since then, she has become a prominent female artist in hip-hop music.

In case you're not familiar with Tokyo, here is one of her songs: