Over the weekend the popular female rapper Cuban Doll & her best friend (another rapper named Stunna Girl) did the unthinkable.

Cuban Doll allegedly jumped, pistol whipped and kidnapped another female rapper. And she committed the violent act with the help of 10-15 other MEN! She also posted pics of her violent crime all over social media.

Cuban and her gang also allegedly snatched their rival's chain also and put her in cage. 

The victim is an "up and coming" rapper named Rocky P. Rocky P is a former dancer from Sacramento. 

According to online reports, the Rocky and Cuban are both female rappers who started "beef" with each other on social media.

But Cuban decided to take things to the streets. Cuban lured Rocky and her manager to a recording studio - then they jumped them with a gang of about 15 men and 5 women.

Here is a pic of what happened to Rocky's manager, when he tried to break up the altercation.


And here's what they did to Rocky, after they finished beating her and pistol whipping her. They stole her chain and put her in a dog cage:


So far neither Rocky nor her manager has not gone to the authorities of report the crime.

If they do, Cuban will likely spend SERIOUS time in prison. In addition of the pics from the assault - here's Cuban rapping, with the stolen chain around her neck:

Cuban Doll's record label is running for the hills, they dropped her after the incident. Look: