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Female rapper Khia is in the news again, but not for anything good.

The 2000s rapper turned podcaster filmed a music video yesterday. And she posted some live video from the set onto Instagram. 

Khia was wearing lingerie for the new music video of her recently released song KashOnly, and she was trying her best to look sexy.

The 42 year old Khia looked great in her outfit. But she may not have smelled great on set.

One person, claiming to be at the video shoot, says Khia was smelling "musky". The person, who used an anonymous Twitter account, said they were on set and that Khia stunk.

The poster wrote, "Khia smelled like a mixture of feet and underarms, with vinegar sprinkled on top."

Here's the video:

While Khia still makes music - she's also transitioned into becoming a very popular podcaster. She's known for making direct, and often brutal, criticisms of other celebrities.