Female Rapper Kash Doll's Boyfriend DUMPED HER . . . Because She Took Photo w/ Drake!!

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Popular female rapper Kash Doll is officially single - and it's all because of an Instagram pic with Drake.

Kash revealed her breakup during an interview on Angela Yee’s Lip Service radio show. The, reality star turned rapper told the interviewers that she and her boyfriend Shawn split after he saw an Instagram pic she posted with Drake.

The tea got spilled when Angela asked a few probing questions.

“You know what I did think? ‘Kash Doll and her boyfriend must have broke up, because he’d be mad about a picture like that.”

Kash Doll answered,

“That’s what happened! But it’s just like, ‘This is my world. Like, what do you expect? Like, I’m a rapper, too.”

“But it’s just, like, this is my world. What do you expect? Like, I’m a rapper too,” she said, insisting she saw nothing wrong with the photo in which Drake had his arm around her.

“I ain’t hugging him, I'm just sitting there chilling, and he just put his arm around me like, ‘That's my dawg,’” Kash explained. “That's what I felt. Maybe I just know what it is.”

Kash Doll went on about her relationship with Drake:

“I really have mad love for Drake, because when I was stuck in my legal situation, he asked me to come open up for him in Detroit, and I just felt like I was in one of the lowest of my life, and he came and lifted my spirits. So, it’s like, forever I always got love for him. And we never dealt with each other. It was never nothing like that.”