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Female Rapper IGGY AZALEA Has Mysterious BUMPS On Her Lips . . . Is That From LIP INJECTIONS . . . Or Does She Got That . . . USHER 'LET IT BURN' DISEASE!!!!

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Iggy Azalea was spotted out in Los Angeles yesterday - looking very cute. But we couldn't help but notice those multiple 'BUMPS' on her lips.

Some online are speculating that she may have gotten LIP INJECTIONS. But others are saying that those BUMPITY BUMPS look more like that USHER BURN DISEASE!!!

In any case, Iggy has gone all bookworm. She just social media-ed a post where she showed she was reading Temple Mathews’ young adult novel, Bad Girl Gone.

"Please, go and check out this book guys," she wrote. It's one of her favorites.