Female Rapper IGGY AZALEA Gets REAL Desperate . . . Twerks 'N*KKED' On Live!!!

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Female rapper Iggy Azalea is now resorting to doing any and everything in hopes of resurrecting her career.She and Tyga have their first hit record in more than a year with Kream. And Iggy is hoping to ride that single into a resurrection.

As the 28 year old continues to pick up steam on the way to her Survive The Summer drop, "Kream" has been a standout single thus far. For the last few days, Iggy has kept everybody speaking about her twerking skills and, in order to keep the streak going, she just had to put on another twerk sesh during her performance last night.

Last night, the Caucasian rapper decided to give her fans a treat. She removed her pants - and started twerking in just her stockings. Oh, and she wasn't wearing any underwear underneath. Fans were able to see just about everything — from the front and the back.

Here is the video

Currently Iggy Azalea is single. She recently told a magazine that she is actively dating, and looking to find a man to enter a committed relationship with.

According to a report from HotNewHipHop, "These days, Iggy Azalea is making the majority of her moves by way of her body. Releasing two brand new songs a few weeks ago, one of the two, "Kream" focuses mainly on two things that Iggy definitely has: cash and ass. The major question is... where will she be shaking her booty tomorrow? Is this how she's surviving the summer?"