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Chicago female rapper Dreezy, 25, and R&B singer Jacquees, 25, broke up this fall, after dating for more than a year. Dreezy made their split official in September, by tweeting, “Single” with the shrugging emoji.

Now she's going in on what it was like to be with the R&B singer - and she calls him toxic.


And this isn't the first time that Dreezy has had stuff to say about her ex. Back in October, she threatened to "air him out" on Twitter.

But things weren't always that bad between the two. During an interview with Rap-Up last year, Dreezy opened up her relationship with the self-proclaimed “King of R&B.”

“He’s more than what y’all see on the internet,” she said. “I know y’all see the funny videos and the memes and the remixes and everybody think like, ‘Oh Jacquees…’ Every celebrity that you see on these blogs is a real person in real life. I used to be looking at him the same way, like, ‘Oh, there’s Jacquees.'”

In this day and age, a couple of things make a break-up official. First, couples unfollow each other. Next, they delete or archive all pictures with their significant other. In this case, both Jacquees and Dreezy, 25, kept their memories on public. Despite Dreezy’s unfollow, Jacquees continues to follow her to this day. He did not address Dreezy’s initial “Single” tweet back in September. On Jacquees’ birthday, Dreezy posted a heartfelt message.