The popular underground rapper Cupcakke stunned her fans this weekend, by a sharing shocking tale of abuse by her boyfriend.

According to Cupcakke  her man stole her money and gave it to another woman. Then, Cupcakke claims that when confronted, he allegedly beat her.

Here's what Cupcakke said:

This man [name redacted] has stolen over 10k out of my bank account & admitted to sending it to a girl & others by stealing my credit card numbers while I'm sleep next to him I!! 

He says "it doesn't matter if I steal from u because the bank will give it back" ... This is someone I've been dating for the past 5 months... out the kindness of my heart I have gave this man over 30k during this period time because I understand how it feels to be without (especially after me being homeless).

He also Has threatened to shoot my mom In the face & has threatened me on multiple occasions & said I can do it because I will get away with it

She added allegations of physical abuse too:

He have snatched off my wig in public , broke phones & continues to traumatize me every step of the way ! This is what lead me to the "I'm committing suicide tweet" a week in a half ago ..

.I have called the cops multiple times & they have yet to do anything about it .... he also has taken naked photos of me without my permission of me at my album shoot & body shamed me to the point I got scared to eat around him.

He threatens to put these pics out & also threatens to kill me