Three years ago, raunchy female Chicago rapper Cupcakke was seen as one of the brightest young stars in hip hop. Now she's hit rock bottom - and is telling her fans that she's quitting music for good.

In 2015, two of her songs, "Deepthroat" and "Vagina", went viral on video sharing websites such as YouTube and WorldStarHipHop. The songs were later included on her debut mixtape, Cum Cake (2016), which was placed at #23 in Rolling Stone' "Best Rap Albums of 2016" list.

Her second mixtape, S.T.D (Shelters to Deltas), was released in 2016 and was included in Rolling Stone's June 2016 list of the "Best Rap Albums of 2016 So Far." She has also received attention from music publications Complex and The Fader.

But with fame and fortune - came a dark side to her life. The rapper developed a gambling addiction, and is now completely broke.

She went on Instagram Live today to explain how low she's fallen.

Here's a summary of what she says in the video:

She developed a bad gambling problem and lost $700,000 at a Casino last September

When she lost it she realized she was at peace without it

When she had money, she realized a lot of people were using her and truly weren't there for her.

She found out who her real friends were after she lost all that money.

She's had a problem with her career for awhile.

She never really liked the sexual songs she put out. Usually she'd put a sexual song 1st then a serious track that she was proud of that showed off her skills.

The sexual songs ALWAYS took off and overshadowed her career.

She feels at this point in time like she was corrupting the youth and her sexual songs were too vulgar.

She felt disgusted with herself once she became aware of this fact especially seeing younger kids attending her shows

She just wants to be normal now; she's exhausted with the music industry. Its drained her spirit and she feels as if she's being performative for others and not herself.

She appreciates the career she had because beforehand her and her family were homeless and now she's leaving in a better position.

She feels as if even if she were to change up because of her size and skin tone her career would never amount to anything or reach the heights she wanted it to be.

She feels as if her size and skin are permanent barriers and not even her talent can break that wall.

Her current tour is being cancelled and she was tweeting crazy the past couple of days as a cry for attention.