Female Rapper Azealia Banks Allegedly Goes BANKRUPT - Loses Her Home!

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Female rapper Azealia Banks may have just gone bankrupt, MTO News has learned. The Los Angeles home that she once lived in has been foreclosed upon, and sold in what the realtor calls a "bankruptcy sale."

A bankruptcy sale typically only occurs when the homeowner files for bankruptcy.Here;'s a screenshot showing the home:


We know what you're wondering - how do we know that Azealia lived there? Well a few months ago, the female rapper gave out her address over IG.

In a video streamed live on Instagram, a clearly terrified Azealia Banks screams, cries and begs her fans for protection while explaining how her white racist neighbor was brandishing a gun over her music because he knew that her boyfriend no longer lives there.

Azealia has been on a long downward spiral for years. It culminated this week, however, when she appeared to cook her dead cat on Instagram.