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Female Rapper Azaelia Banks Threatens To Commit Suicide On IG!!

Female rapper Azaelia Banks while on social media appeared to threaten suicide, MTO News has learned.

Azaelia woke up this morning, and posted some very bizarre posts, which suggest that she's considering ending her life.


This is the latest twist in Azaelia's recent bizarre behavior.

Last week, she shaved off all her hair to free herself of ‘stress and breakup energy’. 

The 212 rapper has worn wigs for years and relaxed her real hair underneath but, after researching the possible effects of using chemicals to straighten her natural hair, Azealia decided to go for the chop and start afresh. In a series of Instagram story videos, the rapper explained: 

‘All this stress energy and breakup energy… I’m about to have my Britney Spears moment. I feel like Britney, b***h on some 2007 s**t, I’m gonna shave my head b***h, just to feel fresh again.’ 

 Azealia was referring to Toxic singer Britney famously shaving off her hair while battling with mental health issues.