Female R&B Star Sza Has A THICK MUSTACHE . . . She REFUSES To Shave!!

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R&B singer Sza is possibly the biggest name in R&B in 2018. She has dozens of hit songs,  and a hit album.

But it's not her TALENT that is coming under fire by fans - it's her appearance. You see Sza has a lot of facial hair - especially on her top lip. And some of her fans think that she should SHAVE it off . . . or otherwise have it removed.

And it's a strange choice, because SZA seems to be very meticulous about her grooming. This is  what she told Vogue magazine last year:

SZA’s newfound skin-care routine of black soap and hemp oil every day, twice a day, leaves her gleaming. And she’s become rigorous about her mental health, taking high levels of vitamin C and omega-3s (“you can’t smoke weed all day and not drink water, and wonder why you’re not able to do shit!”). She even retreated back to an orthodontist to be fitted for a retainer after noticing her teeth had shifted over time. “You don’t have to wonder or wish to do things, you just have to be active about caring for yourself. Just give a shit. I just started caring for myself,” she says matter-of-factly.


But while Sza is all for fixing skin, and teeth, she's refusing to remove her mustache.