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Felicity Huffman has checked in to a federal prison to begin her two-week sentence following her part in the college admissions scandal.

She will be serving her time in the low-security Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, Calif., about 35 miles east of San Francisco, earlier than her court-ordered date of October 25.

The When They See Us actress pleaded guilty to paying $15,000 to arrange for her daughter's SAT score to be falsified. As well as the prison sentence, she was fined $30,000 and must carry out 250 hours of community service. She will also be on probation for a year. 

The facility is reported to be a swanky one, a far cry from a regular prison - but according to US Weekly, she will be in general population and does not expect to be treated differently.

"Felicity wasn't expressing any fears about going to prison because she is only going to be there a short time," a source told the outlet. "She wants to take the short time there to learn as much as possible about how the other inmates ended up in prison. Prison justice reform is a very important cause for Felicity. She was interviewed for placement a few weeks ago."