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A federal judge has ordered that R. Kelly's attorneys are not to speak about evidence in his child pornography case, saying he wants to ensure the celebrity case is tried in court, not in the media.

And his lawyers are not happy about it:

"They are all giving their version of the facts. ... We should be able to respond," said one of Kelly's lawyers, Michael Leonard. "They are putting (evidence) in the public domain and tainting the jury pool."

With all the evidence against Kelly, the only play the lawyers really had was to turn the public against his victims - something which will be far more difficult given the new order. They cannot address any evidence which has not been made public. He has told the attorneys that his door is always open if they wish to ask permission to speak publicly about something.

He also told Kelly's attorneys that he'd like to aim for an April 2020 trial and will settle on a date on his next status hearing on Sept. 4.

Kelly may well sit behind bars until then.