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Federal Judge Delays R. Kelly's Trial Over COVID-19 Pandemic

R. Kelly was hit with some more bad news this week after a federal judge delayed his trial -- citing the coronavirus pandemic as the reason.

The trial has already been delayed several times but had been given an October date. Now Kelly will have to sit in jail until his trial begins, most likely, next year.

"Physically, it seems to be virtually impossible to proceed to trial in October," U.S. District Judge Harry Leinenweber said, before setting a status date for the case for Oct. 13 to discuss a possible new trial date.

Kelly's attorney wants the October trial to go ahead.

Steven Greenberg writes, "frankly, that is not Mr. Kelly's fault and that should not be Mr. Kelly's problem, and Mr. Kelly should not be the one who has to suffer, remaining in archaic jail conditions that are medieval, so that the Government can more conveniently prosecute its case.

"If witnesses are required to remain in quarantine for fourteen (14) days so that they may present whatever story they have against Mr. Kelly, then so be it. He has had to remain in virtual solitary confinement for over a year. The inconvenience to the witnesses pales in comparison. Moreover, this is not about what is convenient or pleasant, this is about Mr. Kelly being entitled to a trial rather than being held in custody."