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Feby Torres, one of the women on the show Basketball Wives travelled to Columbia last weekend to get cheap fake teeth.

And well . . . how does the saying go - you get what you pay for!!

Feby unveiled her new teeth yesterday, and her fans were shocked at how large and unnatural looking her new teeth were. They appeared to be so gigantic, that Feby could hardly close her mouth.

Here's what Feby's teeth used to look like:

And here's what her giant teeth look like now:

Here are some of the fan reactions to Feby's new smile:

Furball looks like a complete and utter fool.

Why would she pay for that? Dumbass Febreeze.

I hate veneers. They look so big and chompy.

I really don't get people's fascination with having horse teef.

She really aspires to be Cardi B, that’s real sad

Look on the bright side, at least Nene Leakes approves of Feby's new teeth:


Feby is the ex-girlfriend of Los Angeles Lakers player Lance Stephenson, the two have a child together. Feby left her hometown of Brooklyn, New York to move to the west coast and join Basketball Wives. As her official bio states, Feby is ready to be known as something other than the mother of Lance’s babies and dreams of becoming a successful rapper. Here’s a quick breakdown of the 28-year-old’s complicated relationship with the athlete, plus what we know about the mother of Lance Stephenson's newest baby girl. 

The former couple welcomed their first child, a daughter, eight years ago and their son three years later. It’s unknown exactly when the duo broke up, but Feby sued her baby daddy for more child support in July 2015.

At the time, the mother of two was receiving $6,000 a month from her ex, but asked that the number be doubled to $12,000. "Raising two children in Brooklyn there's obvious expenses involved ... expenses increase. Our client is asking support for her child's needs," Feby’s lawyer stated in Brooklyn Family Court.