FBG Duck's Mother Speaks On Arrests Of Her Son's Killers: They Got They A*s!!


FBG Duck's mother was pleased about the news of the feds arresting her son's killers on RICO charges.

She announced the news on Instagram.

"[The feds] just called me and told me they arrested Muwop, they arrested C-Thang, they arrested…two more, five people that they have in custody," she said. "The lil boy who killed himself August the 24, he was one of the shooters. They shot my son, they just told me that … You heard it from me first. They got they a*s. They got them muthaf*ckas."

Duck's 2018 single "Slide" has more than 65 million views on YouTube. He was murdered last year while out buying a birthday present for his son. The feds claim that the O-Block street gang is a criminal enterprise and they arrested five members thing week on charges related to Duck's murder as well as weapons charges. The men are Charles Liggins, Kenneth Roberson, Tacarlos Offerd, Christopher Thomas and Marcus Smart.