FBG Duck's Mother Begs Hood Not To Retaliate Over His Murder!!


The mother of recently murdered rapper FBG Duck -- has begged his associates not to retaliate over his killing.

The rapper was gunned down last week while shopping for a birthday present for his son. There have been reports of members of his former hood wanting to avenge in death. In a recent press conference, his mother urged them not to.

"I am here today to ask for peace in the city of Chicago," LaSheena Weekly said. "I am asking that his fans, friends of my son, to please not seek retaliation in the death of my son … As his mother, I want to say please put the guns down so that the generation of tomorrow can grow and live a long and healthy life."

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Duck had recently made "derogatory statements toward deceased members of the Black Disciples" on social media. Cops think this could be a possible motive for his death.

The rapper was the third child of Weekly to die in the last six years.