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Fatima Siad From America's Next Top Model: 'I'm A Trump Supporter'!


Model Fatima Siad from America's Next Top Model has come out publicly, as a Trump supporter.


Fatima, who is still modeling, currently lives in Destin, Florida with her Caucasian boyfriend. She posted a number of images from a recent fishing trip.

First, she posted an image showing a group of people waving a Donald Trump "Make America Great Again" sign.

Then she followed up the post, by repeating Trump's divisive campaign slogan.


Fatima was born in Mogadishu, Somalia to a Somali mother and an Ethiopian father. She had a rough childhood. First, Fatima underwent female genital cutting when she was seven years old and her two sisters were killed by the Somali army during the civil war. 

After her sisters’ deaths, Siad and her mother fled to the United States when she was thirteen for safety.

Fatima attended New York University to study pre-med and political science. While there, she was discovered by Tyra and America's Next Top Model.

For those that may have forgotten who she is. This was Fatima:

Here are some of her more recent modeling pics: