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An 8 year old boy is being described by locals as a "demon kid" and "pure evil." And the father of the boy says his son is a danger to himself and the community.

Police records show that the boy has already attacked pregnant women and children, and a state psychologist says he needs to stay in residential care, but that father's Medicaid is denying it.

The boys father Chris McInvale told media, "He's 8 years old, and nobody wants to help him.

The son was allegedly severely abused for years in custody of his biological mother.

Dad has tried nine-months of in-home treatment, but it hasn't worked. Psycological records show his son exhibits a pattern of "aggressive, violent behavior," and "hurting babies in daycare."

Three months ago, Chris tried to have his son admitted into residential care in Denver. Medicaid denied coverage, and recommended that the boy stick with in-home treatment.

Here are the father's pleas to local media: