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Father Of TikTok's 'Famous Twins' Shot Dead After Asking Them To Stop Twerking!!

There is a very disturbing story developing, about two of the most popular TikTok stars in the world. MTO News confirmed that Alabama's 'Famous Twins' were involved in a shooting, that led to the death of their father, got a woman sent o the ICU, and got a third person - an innocent old man, killed.


And the horrible chain of events all started when James Walters, the father of the popular TikTok stars, confronted his daughters and reportedly asked them to "stop twerking" on Tiktok.

The Famous Twins are two sisters who perform together as music artists and "twierkers". The pair and are famous on TikTok and Instagram.

On TikTok, they have 983,000 followers on their profile @fam0us.twinsss, and on Instagram, they have 351,000 followers on their account under the same username.

Yesterday James Walters was gunned down by a man associated with one of the twins - possibly a boyfriend. MTO News spoke with police in Mobile Alabama and they told us that James got into an argument with his daughters.

Social media reports say the father was trying to get his daughters to stop twerking on TikTok, MTO News learned, then an argument ensued.

As the shouting escalated, Police say that an unidentified man tried to intervene, and James ran toward the man. 

The man pulled a gun and shot him, killing the twins' father, MTO News confirmed

Police say the shooting appears to be self defense. But they say, the man who shot James also accidentally shot a 23-year-old woman, who now is in critical condition.

The twins posted about their father's killing and claimed they have been receiving "deaf" threats.


But here's where the story gets even more tragic.

The boyfriend of the innocent woman that was accidentally shot, Deangelo Merrill, later on went to the Famous Twins apartment building looking for revenge.

But according to Interim Police Chief Roy Hodge, he got "revenge" on the wrong person. Merrill kicked down the wrong door and fatally shot James Jones, a 74-year-old man.

So in all two people were killed, The Famous Twins' father and 74 year old James Jones. An innocent woman is also in critical condition and at least one, and possibly two, Black men are facing murder charges.

Here's a video showing the twerking that caused all this carnage: