A Georgia man is being accused of beating his 1 year old son to death, and his son's mom turned her head, instead of helping the infant.

A'Kym Henderson, 21, is accused of punching the baby repeatedly in the head while the child's mom, Jamie Howard looked away.

A Bibb County Sheriff's Office news release claims that Jamie, who is 20, was present during the brutal beating, and did not seek medical attention for the baby until after he fell unconscious.

The Sheriff made told the media, "she chose to look away."

Police arrested A'Kym and Jamie after they brought their unconscious son to the hospital. The hospital pronounced the infant dead shortly after he arrived.

Jamie told police that A'Kym punched his son repeatedly in the head, according to the arrest warrant. The punches resulted in multiple skull fractures, a swollen brain and bleeding inside the skull and scalp.

Jamie initially "attempted to cover up this incident by initially stating she was only woken up by the victim struggling to breathe," the warrant states.

Eventually Jamie came clean and told police what she says happened.