Fat Joe revealed in a recent interview that if he does not hit the road to go on tour anytime, that he's broke - and that he's considering retirement.

"I'm almost out of here. I think I'm retiring. It's time to give it up. I'm trying to walk off on it… The Kobe Bryant, the Obama drop the mic and just walk off. I might be. I'm really there. I've never felt like this is my life," he told CBS.

The rapper and actor shared that he may decide to retire from the game so he can be more hands-on with his teenage daughter.

"I really want to watch my daughter. I really wanna take her to school every day. Watch her, make sure she's like… That's really the conflict… Little girls, 13, 14, very impressionable right now. So I want to make sure every time she turns around, her dad is there when she looks around and I'm there for her," he told the news outlet.

He later added, "We'd be broke. If I don't tour, I'm broke."

Y'all tryna cop those tour tickets?