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Fat Joe Still Thinks DaBaby Is The New Tupac

Fat Joe came under fire after he recently said that DaBaby is the new Tupac.

During a recent interview, Fat Joe was asked who the 2021 Pac is: "I should know the Tupac one. I don't know... it's hard to be these guys. I mean, you're asking me some crazy stuff. I would say DaBaby," he said.

After social media dragged him, Fat Joe says he said what he said!

"By the way, I knew Tupac Shakur in real life. Not as a mythical person. I knew the man in real life. He was the realest rapper ever," he said on Instagram Live to his followers.

He continued, "So now when I think' Pac, not just musically or whatever the case may be... I'm thinking DaBaby a real one. Certified real one, whether you like him or you don't like him or whatever, I believe he lives what he raps. And that's very much like Tupac."