Rapper Fat Joe has stated that he believes all Latinos are Black during a recent interview.

"Let's speak about Latinos not being Black. Latinos are Black. In Cuba, at one time, there was eight million Cubans. Five million, unfortunately, were slaves," he said on Ebro In The Morning while discussing the origins of Latin music.

"Three million were actual Cubans, and they integrated and had babies — same thing with Puerto Rico when you go to Loíza. And when you talk about Santeria, that came from the motherland, Africa. Sometimes, Latinos may even identify themselves with African and black culture more than Black people. This ain't no crazy thing. Fat Joe ain't on crack. He know what he talking about."

His comments are reminiscent of comments fellow New York rapper Cardi B made earlier this summer:

"It's like, 'Cardi's Latin, she's not Black,' And it's like, 'Bro, my features don't come from...white people f*cking, okay?' And they always wanna race-bait when it comes to me...I have Afro features. 'Oh, but your parents are light-skinned...all right, but my grandparents aren't."