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Rapper Remy Ma was forced to turn herself into the cops after Brittney Taylor accused her of physically assaulting her, but Fat Joe has Rem's back and in a message posted on Instagram, seems to accuse Taylor of clout chasing.

Joey uploaded a picture of him holding Remy and Papoose's baby daughter in the married couple's home - with a severe warning for the 'Love & Hip Hop' star.

"Family First PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE beware of the CLOUT CHASE is this Country truly ready for rehabilitation," he started the post.

"are we truly FORGIVING. Do we really believe in SECOND CHANCES here we have a woman who did her time came home and has been a Model Citizen the only time she’s out her house is to work or in this case Donating her time with a FREE performance for CANCER RESEARCH. In a World that Continues to show Madness and Division in Families on T V here we see LOVE and Unity the woman’s been the most Flawless Parolee EVER never has had a Curfew Violation has been Drug tested time and time again not once has Violated," he continued.


"there were maybe thirty to forty Cops at the Cancer Charity Event not one saw ANY altercation in a world of everything is on CAMERA there’s no footage of any incident hmmmmmmmmmmm PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE beware of the CLOUT CHASE"

Taylor has not posted on Instagram since the event and has turned off all of the comments on her posts. It is reported that she will be fully cooperating with the police. Remy denies at the location at the time of the assault and has witnesses who can back up her alibi.