Fashion Designer Balenciaga Releases $1,200 'DOUBLE SHIRT' . . . What The F**K???

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The popular fashion brand Balenciaga is selling a new T-shirt - for $1,200. And folks online are calling it the UGLIEST T-shirt ever made in human history.

Now, that may sound like a BOLD statement. But it's not.

Fans are taking to social media to criticize the Balenciaga fashion brand new "double shirt" which is part of the Fall '18 collection. The short goes on sale in stores on June 19th. The shirt is a striped short-sleeved T-shirt with a long sleeved shirt sewn on top and it costs $1,200.


Balenciaga claims that the design offers wearers two wearing options – you can either wear the long sleeves as a bizarre front panel design, or as a fake double layer. And if you’re after a more casual look, then the brand also offers a $1100 t-shirt shirt, this time with a full shirt stuck onto a t-shirt.

This isn't the first time Balenciaga has come out with an outrageous product. You may remember that a few years ago they came out with a $2,145 IKEA looking bag.

The Balenciaga bag is on the left and the IKEA bag is on the right. The Ikea bag costs about a dollar.

GQ said about the IKEA bag: 

But the real hubbub here stems from people believing there's something wrong with Balenciaga designer Demna Gvasalia taking inspiration from a 99-cent object anyone can buy and turning that into a luxury product made to appeal to a significantly lower number of people

Is Balenciaga crazy or are they pushing fashion FORWARD?!