Fantasia Barrino and her husband Kendall Taylor have addressed the backlash they have received over Fantasia's relationship advice where she encourages women to be more submissive.

"We need more men to stand up and lead the way. Most women are trying to be the leader that's why you can't find a man. You can't be the king in the house, fall back and be the queen and let your man lead the way, so I salute you for that," she said during a recent interview with The Breakfast Club.

Her advice led to an unrelentless dragging from social media - and now the couple wishes to clarify their statements:

"What does that look like? It does not mean that I dictate every decision, I don't walk around the house saying what we gonna spend, how we gonna do it, but we talk, and we build, and I consider everything that is on her heart, her perspective, her position, her philosophy," her husband Kendall explained.

Many took offense to the idea that the woman must play second fiddle to a man, but Kendall tried to carefully explain their philosophy on relationships - careful to explain that he reveres and respects his wife.

"I carefully weave that into my philosophy to figure out what is the best move for this family… Now the moment I start to step outside of righteousness and I start to move from a place of emotion instead of analytics, she has the right to snatch that back because submission is a gift," he said.

Kendall added: "You don't lead from your genitals you lead from a place of understanding and the more she trusts, the more she can let go of things she don't have to deal with and focus on things that edify her."