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Queen Sugar star, Rutina Wesley posted a rather cryptic Instagram post which has fans trying to determine whether or not she has split from her fiancee.

In the post, Wesley is seen hugging her fiancee, Chef Shonda, with the caption:

"I was trying to get to her....not sure why it has to be so hard....and so it goes...💔"

Immediately her followers began to speculate about what it all means. Some felt that Wesley was on the verge of a breakup but still fighting to save it while others assumed that the couple had already parted ways:

"Noooo. It'll work itself out💖"

"Crossed wires can always be fixed. ❤️"

"That’s just how it goes when you are in love. It’s a test. Just stay in it.. be unbreakable"

"I’m so sorry. Sending you so much healing for your heart and mind. I went through this a couple of months ago with one I thought was the one. There are no words to soothe this heartache. Hoping you’re surrounded by folks who love you."

"Maybe she just missed a flight. We so nosy... 💖💖"

"She was trying to get to her." Travel ... yall. They didn't get to meet up. It doesn't mean break up"

A flight delay or have the pair called it quits?