Fans Worry About Lil Wayne After New Pics Leak: He's 'BALD' & 'DUSTY'!!


Rapper Lil Wayne doesn't look like he's doing well, according to new pics the rapper leaked on Instagram. And MTO News has learned that many of his fans are worried about his health, and are wondering if he's still addicted to opioids.

Lil Wayne was once the biggest rap star in the world, and one of the biggest artists of the 2000s. Then the rapper fell into a deep addiction to liquid opioids and pills.

Wayne's addiction derailed his career, and it's not clear that he'll ever come back.

But Weezy's fans were hopeful that Wayne got his addiction under control.

Then, MTO News learned that Wayne leaked the below pics - showing the rapper bald, skinny, and looking like a strung-out junkie.

Here are the images that have people worried:


Lil Wayne is currently dating a 200 lb plus-sized model named Denise Bisot. Here are pics of her: