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Fans of singer Summer Walker were left concerned after her boyfriend and producer, London On Da Track, was seen on video choking her.

And Summer didn't seem to enjoy the choking.

In the brief clip, London has his hands around Summer's throat and demands her to "say you love me."

But Summer asks him repeatedly to "stop" and tells him that he is hurting her, but he does not let her go and maintains his tight grip around her neck.

"It's supposed to be sexy, it hurts," she says and London tells her that it is sexy, but Summer appears to be too much in pain to enjoy the experience. She eventually tells him that she loves him but he does not release her from his vice-like grip -- in fact, it seems as though he squeezes her tighter.

If it was a joke, Summer's fans did not see the funny side of it.

Check out the reactions below.