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'Mo Bamba' rapper Sheck Wes appears to have moved on - to aspiring rapper, India Love.

India posted a picture of herself wearing a colorful hoodie on her page. 

Sheck Wes also posted a picture on his page which appears to show him leaning on a young lady rocking the same colorful hoodie, captioned: 

"My momma said i don't sleep enough"

India Love also shared a post captioned: "Mine" which appears to show them holding hands (see post above.)

But fans are worried that she may be the next alleged victim of Wes' and hopped in the comments section to share their concerns:

"She’s gonna get beat up next 🤦🏽‍♀️"

"Ain’t he a woman beater? 🤔"

"he’s a whole woman beater. i wouldn’t be surprised if the same happened to her. she’s dumb period"

"At this point she’s just dating anybody.. he’s a whole woman beater"

"why tf would she want to be with him after Justine said he’s abusive ??? 1+1= 500???"

"Literally the industry dates within the circle 🤢, n then there’s been domestic abuse files on him too? Yuck! They both are terrible at music so🤷🏾‍♀️"

Are they right to be concerned or is Wes a new man?