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Cardi B is going viral this morning, with fans are encouraging the Bodak Yellow rapper to cheat on her husband - with her handsome new bodyguard.

Last week Cardi's husband, rapper Offset, was allegedly caught trying to slide into the DMs of one of his exes. After the woman put him on blast, the Migos rapper claimed that he was "hacked."

But many of Cardi's fans don't believe his story, and are upset that Cardi continues to be loyal to a man who appears to cheat on her - chronically. So now they are encouraging her to get some love on the side for herself. You know, what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

And the side d*ck that Cardi's fans want her to go after, is her bodyguard.

Here are pics of the guy:


And here's a taste of the comments from hardcore Cardi fans:

He looks firm but tender all at the same time.she truly deserves

after all this offset drama, i hope she is

See how's he's tryna hold her hand on frame 3? I don't know how come she ain't inlove already.

What do you think happened in Nigeria? Duuuh!

I'm not one to promote cheating but boooooy I'm all for this