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Rapper Ja Rule trended online on Saturday night into Sunday afternoon after his halftime show performance at the Milwaukee Bucks versus the Minnesota Timberwolves was labeled as a flop.

But Ja Rule denied that his show was a flop, and didn't take it well when the Timberwolves' official Twitter account decided to clown the rapper, mocking a previous tweet Ja wrote about the Fyre Festival:

Ja then responded by cursing the NBA team:

"You just jinx yourself talking to the GOD this way... your CURSED NOW!!!" Ja responded on social media. "You won’t win a championship for the next 30 years... AND KAT IS LEAVING!!! Apologize and I’ll lift the CURSE!!! 😘 kiss of death."

Years back, Lil B "cursed" NBA ballers Kevin Durant and James Harden, but fans trolled Ja Rule for attempting to mirror the iconic curse.

Ja Rule just cannot seem to catch a break!

Here is the full halftime performance: