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R&B singer and comedian Lil Duval had a tough performance in Atlanta last week. Fans booed the tiny singer off the stage, and threw items at him, after they disapproved of his show.

Lil Duvall was performing in front of a live audience for Clifford "TI" Harris' new talent show - called "The Sh*t Show."

The Sh*t Show is a modern day reboot of Showtime at the Apollo, which will air on network TV shortly. Amateurs perform in front of a live audience, and if the audience doesn't like the performance they can throw "sh*t" at the stage. Get it . . . the 'sh*t' show.

Well Lil Duvall was called in to perform as a "professional" in between amateur acts. The crowd didn't like Lil Duvall's singing, and so they pelted the comedian with the stuff.

Here's video of Lil Duval getting pelted and then booed off the stage:

According to HotNewHipHop, "Over the last few days, there has been a ton of conversation surrounding whether comedians can be rappers. Although we've seen Chance The Rapper's failed stand-up attempt, there have been a few comedians who made successful attempts at rapping. Big Shaq and Lil Dicky are two artists in recent years who've found success with their comedic rap stylings. However, it's very rare that comedians turned rappers aren't necessarily a real thing. 

The conversation started after Blueface son'd Shiggy backstage at Rolling Loud with an explanation of why comedians can't be rappers. It sparked debate with Lil Duval chiming in on the convo only to have Blueface pull up net worths to compare. Duval famously released "Smile (Living My Best Life)" which became a huge hit in its own right. Unfortunately, the crowd's reaction during a recent performance in Atlanta didn't reflect that. 

It didn't take long for Blueface to use that to further prove his point. Taking the clip from TheShadeRoom, the rapper quickly replied to the footage by, first, declaring that he was indeed correct about his initial statement. He then proceeded to roast Lil Duval as if he was a heckler in the crowd. "They hit cuh with that, 'Where y'all find this n***a at?! Get the fuck off the stage!' On Crip, I tried to tell cuh!" He said."