Kash Doll Appears To Be Pregnant In New Video


Detroit rapper Kash Doll was feeling herself after getting her hair done and posted a sexy video of herself on Instagram and while her drip was not lost on fans, they found themselves fixated on something else - her stomach. 

Fans noticed that her belly looked a little rounder than usual, and think the rapper's pregnant.

Kash Doll rocked a denim two-piece in the video, but as she spun around she was noticeably sporting a little more weight around her midriff than usual.

Take a look:

Last October, she spoke to Uproxx about what keeps her motivated:

"I really have self-motivation. I was blessed with that. I always been like that since I was a little girl. I always knew that I'd be doing this. Every time my friends come to my events they be like, "You used to say that. That's crazy." I just be like, yeah and I ain't done yet. It's this new house I'm looking at. That motivates the f*ck out of me," she said at the time.


Y'all think Kash is preggers or are her fans trippin'?