Jordyn Woods fans are not here for Malika Haqq shading her online an headed to her Instagram page to blast her for being both a hypocrite and a bully over the Tristan Thompson scandal.

In a recent selfie which Malika titled:

"Passion is energy. I won’t waste it."

Woods supporters really let her have it! Here are just a few of the comments (and there are a lot of them!)

"Didnt you try to holla at Rob, lol .. 😂😂"

"Hypocritical bully. Thinking your own sh*t don’t stank 🙄"

"Jordyn was wrong to suck face with that moron, no question. That being said? I will defend that girl to the end until one of these Kardashians or Kardashian hanger-ons, like @malika, publicly drag Kylie for hooking up with Tyga. Memba him? He was engaged to, and had just had a baby with, Chyna? Who was friends with Kim? Yeah."

"Cant belive you called her a coward. You want to be white so bad. Im embarassed for you. Your glad that this happen. Broke ass!"

"How are you still following Tristian on social media ? You are contradicting your self ?"

"Kylie slept with Tyga while Kim and Blac Chyna were friends. So are we mad at Kylie? Keep that same energy for everyone. Khloe dated Trina and Lauren London's men but she was friends with them. No sympathy for any of them."

"You was a proud side-chick ..."

"Is it true you slept with French when he and Khloe were dating"

Oh dear. Khloe and her crew prob need to rush through this sympathy act, because the fans aren't buying it one bit.