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It looks like folks are not here for Kylie Jenner's upcoming skincare line, and are slamming it online even though it has not yet been released.

Kylie debuted her walnut skin scrub online, and fans are comparing it to the St. Ives facial scrub which is known for being too harsh on the skin.

But fans are not feeling her new (unreleased) skincare line and were filled with criticism in the comments section.

"Walnut scrubs are meant for the body only so I hope that’s what it’s for. If used on the face it leaves micro cuts and causes lots of skin damage...maybe get an esthetician’s license so you know the basics of skin. Especially if you love cosmetics, educate yourself properly," one follower wrote.

"My skin broke out just reading the description of what’s in these products," another commented.

Another added:

"Someone is obviously not educated, & I’ll bet money she doesn’t use this on her skin."

Kylie has made over $1 billion with her makeup line - but her fans are going to need more reassurance before purchasing her new line.