Kylie Jenner has recruited her older sister Khloe Kardashian for a brand new makeup collab, and the pair posted a promo pic on their socials - but fans are annoyed that the pics appear to be heavily photoshopped.

In the pic, Khloe rocks a white bodysuit, while Kylie flaunts her enhance curves in a two-piece, both are rocking blonde 'dos - as Khlo holds up a makeup case which reads, 'KOKO BY KYLIE COSMETICS.'

But fans are reeling that nothing about the image or the sisters seems to be real:

"Didn’t recognize Khloe... than realized Kylie doesn’t look right either?! 😂"

"How can you sell and promote beauty products?..when your own “ so called beauty” is only created through a surgeons knife and enhancing instagram app...? Im soooo excited NOT to be conned into parting with any money to believe these lies"

"Who’s that to the left tho"

"They both literally don’t look like themselves i-"

"we want to see the unedited version (no filters, airbrush all that Jazz) then maybe we buy 😂"

Photoshopped or nah?