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Future is facing backlash once again after he bought his five-year-old son a Rolex for his birthday.

Future cannot really seem to put a foot right these days when it comes to social media, but he doesn't much seem to care.

The “Crushed Up” rapper posted a photo of his son wearing the watch with a quote from Meek Mill, “‘It was somethin bout that rollie when it first touched my wrist.'”

Of course, social media let him have it!

"He don’t know the value of a Rollie, he wants toys 😂"

"Not happy birthday son... But a meek mill quote 😂"

"Gifts your get your kid when you’re not really a parent"

"The uneducated black man way of parenting. Buying a 5 years old a rolex, instead of investing in his future. Russell wilson, bill gates, and smart educated father would never do somethingthis dumb."

Are they being too harsh on Future or nah?