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'Don't Be Tardy' star Brielle Biermann posted a new selfie showing off her infamous pout, but her fans blasted her botox'd lips and proceeded to roast her for having too many procedures - just like her mother!

Brielle posted a car selfie, gazing directly into the camera. The caption was "You feel the vibe it’s contagious," but her fans let rip.

"You will look like a deflated balloon by the time you turn 35"

"What a banged up Barbie"...just like her mother!!! Ewww....Lol!!"

"They look so natural. 🙄🙄🙄🙄"

During an interview with Hollywood Life back in March, she addressed the critics:

"If I want to redo my whole body – which one day I probably will – and my whole face and everything, it should not affect you,” she told the entertainment outlet. “It’s not your face, and quite frankly, you don’t have to look at it. Just move on from life. I don’t know how you’re so bothered by my appearance. You do you.”