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Rapper Megan Thee Stallion released her album last week, and one of the standout tracks off the album is a song called "Simon Says," but artist Wolf Tyla claimed on social media that she is behind the hit song.

Wolf Tyla posted several times on social media that she was proud to be a part of the project, but some (including Megan) thought that she was trying to take credit for Megan's verses and hopped onto social media to set her straight.

Megan is known for writing her own bars - something Wolf Tyla appears to admit also. 

But she claimed she wrote the hook and the bridge for Juicy J who played the track to Megan - but did not credit her.

Juicy J then responded to the claims:

Juicy is claiming that he wrote it and passed it to Tyla for reference... It kind of gets a little blurry. But one thing's for sure - Megan wrote her own bars!

Here are some reactions on Twitter: