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Nicki Minaj performed at Australia's FOMO Festival, and fans clowned her onstage dancing and twerking efforts and her outfit.

Nicki is surrounded by several male dancers as she belts out her hit, "Anaconda" and viewers were not impressed one bit.

"She’s getting to mature for these outfits ...she needs to change it up and grow as an artist.."

"Cardi can actually twerk looool nicki be struggling"

"Girl you better learn to use those man-made hips"

"Love her!!! But girl cannot dance. She doing the same 1 2 step and twerk move. Great stage presence tho. Terrible costumes."

"She looks a fat washed up mess"

"Nah seriously, who’s her stylist?"

"Anyone else think she has surpassed being thick?"

But there are rumors swirling around that Nicki could be pregnant by her boyfriend (who may even be her secret husband.)

Nicki has already admitted that they have locked in babies names. Is Nicki expecting?