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Soulja Boy is far from humble and recently he hopped onto Instagram to boast about his current net worth.

Soulja shared a screenshot of his net worth, which is pegged at $30 million but claims that his net worth is set to increase due to a recent deal he signed.

"Proud to announce a 50millon dollar offer for 10% of my company SouljaGame. This will increase my accumulations to 80million!!!" he wrote on the Instagram post.

"I’m not sure if I should do this deal my mind is telling me yes but I’m not sure. But I’m thankful nonetheless 2020 I want it all!"

But some of his fans think Soulja is lying and began to do the math to his claims. Here are some of the comments on the post:

"You won’t do the deal bruh cuz nobody offered you 50 mill for even 100% of your company"

"I just got offered 100 million for 5% of my company too but I’m not going to take it cause I’m lying"

"Wait...if someone offered you 50 mill for 10%. That would mean the company is worth 500 mill. But yet you're only worth 30 mill?"

"This just like that $400M deal you had 🤣"

"Chilll.... That means your company would be worth a billion. Big cap no facts 🧢"

"They’re valuing SouljaGame at 500 millly?? Who were the appraisers???? You don’t even have a console other than the licensed rebranded console????"

"That don’t mean u have it .. out of that 30 million u got 15 mill plus the money u spend u looking at ten"

"$50m @ 10%??? So the company is valued at half a billion ($500m)? Not sure that's believable 🤷🏾‍♂️"

Do y'all believe Soulja or is this another epic troll?