Scott Disick posted a photo of him out to eat at an Asian restaurant with his daughter, Penelope. As Disick holds his chopsticks, Penelope makes a gesture with her eyes - appearing to hold them open.

Popular celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton then posted the following tweet:


But fans were not impressed at the implication that Penelope was being racist and rushed to his defense:

"Yeah, it could very well be the flash, and as a kid, she’s playing around and holding her eyes open to see what would happen if she saw the flash. I used to do it as a kid. She’s just being curious, wanting to see the flash, so held her eyes open. The many things children do. Lol"

"I’m asian and I don’t feel offended at all!!!!! This is not racist! This is just a kid who likes to play around next to her dad!!!"

"I am chinese background and has small eyes. I don't really care even Scott gonna do it. Nothing offensive. Let's them have fun and stop turning everything to negativity"

"I'm Indian and my bf is Chinese I'm not offended at all. She just being a kid let her be, we all do this when we was her age"

"She’s pulling her eyes up, so doesn’t look like she’s mocking anyone. But, seeing where they’re eating, it wasn’t a good idea to post this at all."

The majority of the comments appears to side with Disick.

What do y'all think? Harmless fun or was Penelope mocking Asian people?