Britney Spears has posted a video calling out fans who have accused the star of not posting her own videos on Instagram.

“For those of you who think I don’t post my own videos, I did this video yesterday, so, you’re wrong. But I hope you like it,” Spears says while standing inside of her closet.

Britney then poses and awkwardly dances to Rihanna's song "Man Down," changing into three different dresses.

But fans were not convinced of Britney's performance and some actually seemed concerned about the star's appearance:

"Her dancing is so awkward 🤦🏼‍♀️"

"Someone get my baby a hair stylist pronto"

"That's how I look the day after a night out drinking and sleeping with my makeup on. 🤔🤔🤔"

"She looks nothing like Britney"

"Has anyone tried to see if she’s blinking SOS in Morse code?"

"What the heck did I just watch....britney you ok gurl?!"

"Her eyes look sick ...there is something so off . I pray she gets well soon"

Britney has been rocked with rumors about her mental after she checked herself into a wellness clinic earlier this year. According to reports, Britney is trying to have herself freed from a conservatorship which her father, Jaime Spears, is in control.

Does Britney seem ok to y'all?