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Kylie Jenner has just dropped her 'Kylie Skin' line, but even though we appreciate the hustle, it's clear Kylie doesn't quite grasp how to market her products the right way.

Kylie recently posted a tutorial for on her social media. In the tutorial, Kylie is seen washing her face with one of the products. Kylie only washes her face for about seven seconds before rinsing the product off twice and then wiping her face with a white towel.

Fans were mortified to see Kylie's towel covered in foundation after wiping her face and were confused as to why Kylie also used a filter for the demo.

Watch the reactions to the face-washing below:

"sis didn’t even wash her face for 10 seconds😭😭😭"

"Theres makeup all over the towel"

"It looks like you were scared of your own product washed off so quick"

"the way she "washed" her face makes me think she doesnt really use her own products? her dermatologist was probably like dont leave it on for more then 15 secs you'll be good. lol"