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Fans BODY SHAME Christina Milian . . . They Say . . . She's Now Shaped . . . Like A MEXICAN GRANDMOTHER!! ('Abuela Milian')


Christina Milian is coming under fire - by a group of TROLLS who are "body shaming" the Latina beauty.

Christina was photo'd by the paparazzi on the beach in Miami. Christina was caught on camera playing in the water, then laying in the sun tanning. In all, most people thought the 36 year old looked GREAT in the pictures.

Daily Mail reported that:

The tiny bikini featured a scanty top which revealed her ample cleavage while a pair of high-cut string-side bottoms rested low on her hips, accentuating her toned legs. The bottoms also revealed her elaborate hip tattoos and a cheeky glimpse of her peachy posterior as she walked along.

Her raven tresses were styled in soft waves while the starlet revealed her natural, glowing complexion by going make-up free for the occasion.

The star was enjoying every minute of her vacation as she relaxed on a sunlounger and chatted to her gal pals.

Despite having a toned body and ample booty, a group of TROLLS on social media were not as KIND. They haters pointed to the below images - and started Body shaming Christina.


The above images show Christina at an odd angle, and the trolls seized on the oddity.

Here are some of the things being said about her:

"Is she hiding something in her bikini bottoms. Look at her stomach"

"She's built like my Mexican grandmother. Abuela Milian.

That is not a flattering look on Christina.

There were a lot WORSE comments, but we omitted them.