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Kanye West And Kim Kardashian annoyed some fans when they revealed that they would be travelling on their very own private Boeing 747.

The video, filmed by Kim, is making its rounds on the internet, but this is one extravagant splurge that their fans just cannot get their heads around.

The plane contains several bedrooms, a dining room, a workout space, and even an office for Kanye. With climate change being such a hot topic right now, we're not sure whether this boast was necessary.

One follower wrote: "This is how he doesn't now! You've been married to the man for several years and you don't know how he does it? You're just finding out? You're such a liar! You've never been on one before. Right?! Liar"

"Think how many homeless people they could have housed or help feed," said another.

"Here's an awesome philanthropic employed postgraduates across the nation pay off their student loans. Help us now so we can help you later. Not trying to dictate your funds...just saying. #nursinggraduatesrock!"

"No big deal😂😂😂. Why do you post it on instigrame if you think like that. I love the plane it looks a quiet nice But seriously, did you Brough your personal trainer to exercise while flying???? Even roger fiderer never done that before. What a wast of money???"

Yeah, yeah. We get it. You're rich. The plane looks amazing. But y'all know you travel this way on the regular. Kim's 'faux-surprise' commentary is not fooling anybody!